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Making predictions about the future used to be called extrapolation. More recently, it is commonly referred to as time series forecasting. The individuals who worked with data and statistics used to be called statisticians or econometricians, today we refer to them as data scientists and machine learning engineers.


Times are changing fast! We at Bossa Nova Data Solutions are changing too, ensuring we leverage the best of today’s technology to provide innovative data solutions for our customers.

We don’t utilize outdated legacy systems or antiquated processes. We believe that leading-edge technology enables organizations to revolutionize their businesses and their customer experience, without having to make significant up-front capital expenditures or long-term commitments. Flexibility, affordability, and scalability are the key.

Small Price, Giant Value

At Bossa Nova Data Solutions we take pride in providing premium service at an attractive price. We measure success through clearly defined metrics. We are truly a small business with big ideas and innovative solutions. This is possible thanks to two primary forces:

  1. The power of the cloud. We partner with Amazon Web Services to maintain operational flexibility and scalability, and to keep our costs low so we can pass on savings to our clients. Although the cloud is far from a new idea, its true capabilities are only now beginning to be realized.
  2. The power of global talent. We hire and maintain a team of experts located across the globe. We know where to look to find the best and brightest minds to help our clients solve their most pressing needs. It just makes sense to hire the best people for the job, regardless of their geographical location.

We are experts in cloud computing, data management, data analysis, speech analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive forecasting. Contact us and put our strength to use in your business.

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