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We at Bossa Nova know how critical customer contacts are to the success of your organization. Effective contacts increase customer satisfaction, increase revenues through up-sell, cross-sell, loyalty, and retention as well as reduce losses. Ensuring effectiveness and consistency across multiple channels working 24 x 7 in a hybrid contact center or remote environment is extremely challenging.

Imagine having the capability to leverage artificial intelligence to analyze 100% of all customer interactions for trend analysis, quality assurance, and to learn specific insights about your customer’s experience and agent's performance. No longer would your organization require a large staff that can only analyze a small random sample of contacts at best.

With Bossa Nova’s Caperio AI Performance Platform companies gain the advantage of a single, cross-channel view of the customer, unlocking new revenues with capabilities to address improving customer satisfaction, customer churn, competitive intelligence, service issues, agent performance and campaign effectiveness. Visit Caperio.AI website to learn more.

Bossa Nova Data Solutions utilizes deep learning speech-to-text capability to quickly and accurately convert audio files to text files and deep learning Natural Language Processing capabilities to extract key insights from text from all channels.

Our clients have the ability to expand and customize the speech analytics categories  and key phrase library by adding their own new words and phrases to ensure accurate and effective classification. This significantly reduces the amount of work needed to perform quality assurance, compliance, and search capabilities. Our Caperio AI Performance Platform is fully customizable to ensure each of our clients get optimized performance with no needs for investment in infrastructure. Visit Caperio.AI website to learn more.

Gain valuable insights from the data you’re already recording and storing by taking advantage of Bossa Nova's Caperio AI Performance Platform.

We support Speech Analytics in the following languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Italian.

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