Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Organizations work hard to win customers. In today’s competitive, on-demand world, these businesses must work even harder to keep them. Consumer expectations for quality customer experience continue to rise with little room for error.

natural language processing

There is untapped potential sitting in your unstructured data. Customer emails, support tickets, product reviews, social media, even transcribed audio conversations can be tapped to provide insights into customer sentiment that can be put to work for your business.

Bossa Nova Data Solutions Caperio AI Performance Platform uses Natural Language Processing driven by machine learning to find insights and relationships in text and to classify contact effectiveness. Visit Caperio.AI website to learn more.

Our machine learning capabilities are particularly good at accurately identifying specific items of interest inside large amounts of text. Additionally our platform is situationally flexible accurately classifiying contact effectiveness based upon hundreds of adjustable parameters. Our Caperio AI Performance Platform is fully customizable to ensure optimal performance for every client and adaptible to each department's goals and objectives. Visit Caperio.AI website to learn more.

Bossa Nova's Caperio AI Performance Platform can help you uncover the insights and relationships in your unstructured data, increasing the performance of your Customer Service Reps and the satisfaction of your customers. Get role-based insights, and quickly identify emerging issues with opportunities to unlock revenue and improve best practices. Up to the moment scoring of each team and member’s performance and trending. Discover areas of opportunity and challenges across each interaction down to specific words and phrases. See which phrases drive performance and which ones should be eliminated by utilizing Caperio Conversation Explorer.

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